Eli Saslow, staff writer at The Washington Post, shared his latest reporting on heroin, addiction, and job loss in the American economy.

Saslow’s feature story this month uses one family’s struggle with painkillers and opioids┬áto give readers perspective on what it’s like to go through addiction problems in the U.S. healthcare system. “It’s an unbelievable traumatic problem in the country right now and the more I learned about the numbers, the more staggering it was for me,” Saslow said. “[Amanda’s] dissent into addiction mirrors what a lot of people have gone through.”

Saslow has also written about economic decline of the middle class, specifically in the manufacturing town of Huntington, Indiana where factories are shutting down and moving to Mexico. “Huntington is a town of about 15,000 so to lose 800 jobs in a town that size, it will decimate it,” he said. “And these aren’t just 800 jobs, but they are the last 800 really solid middle class jobs.”