Suzanne Venker is a cultural critic and author of the new book, “The Alpha Female’s Guide to Men and Marriage: How Love Works.” Mary Katharine Ham and Joy Pullmann interview Suzanne on the Federalist Radio Hour about how strong women can learn to make their marriages less competitive and more complementary.

Venker discusses some of the differences between the sexes and how some of ways women empower or assert themselves in the workplace, may cause conflict in their relationships. “It’s not that men can’t handle strong women. It’s that there’s a difference between strong and being strong-willed, where you refuse to back down,” she said. “Your strength is wonderful for [men], but not when it’s used against them.”

Later in the hour, writer and author Amelia Hamilton joins Mary Katharine in studio to discuss what she saw at CPAC last week and what it says about the future for conservatives.