It wasn’t the Roman Senate or Lincoln v Douglas, but it was entertaining. Perhaps that is, for better or worse, a large part of the formula of a political “debate” in the digital age. Donald Trump came in a large favorite. There are mixed feelings as to whether that lead will be so large once the next round of polling is completed. How did the others do? Will Carly Fiornia make it to the big table in the next debate?

Fred Barnes joined Milt early in the program–always a welcome commentator. Kyle Kondik, managing editor of Sabato’s Crystal Ball gave us solid analysis. We strongly recommend that you follow the work of both the Weekly Standard and the Center for Politics.

Finally, Victor Davis Hanson joined us. The political considerations were excellent as always. Even better was a comparison of figures from the Classical era with the participants from last night’s debate, which is good fun. And you should not miss the arresting psychological profile Hanson paints of President Obama as he considers his legacy.

You should share this with your friends and those seeking a deeper insight into American politics than what is more broadly available.