Anthony Fisher is a film writer, director and associate editor at Reason magazine. Fisher joined Ben Domenech on The Federalist Radio Hour to discuss comedy, film-making, the creative process, and his new movie “Sidewalk Traffic.” They also speculate how 2016, the campaigns, and the election are going to be portrayed movies and TV shows to come.

“I kept waiting for the bottom to fall out but it didn’t. We got it to production. We made the movie. We edited the movie. We got it into film festivals,” Fisher said. “It was a matter of everything else failing and then coming up with an idea that could be done on the streets of New York.”

One challenge of the films to be made about this election, is the casting of Donald Trump as something more than a SNL character. “And of course then there’s the election night scenes,” Domenech said. “There’s so much going on there I don’t know how as a creative person you wrap your arms around it.”