Peter Suderman, features editor at Reason magazine, joined Senior Writer Mary Katharine Ham in breaking down the current White House transition and the Trump Administration’s cabinet appointments. Suderman also reviews the movies out this month you should see, and later, Bre Payton joins to recap Netflix’s “Gilmore Girls” revival.

This week Trump appointed Rep. Tom Price as secretary of Health and Human Services. “There is a lot to like about Tom Price, and certainly you can imagine a lot worse picks,” Suderman said. “He doesn’t have a lot of demonstrated experience managing a massive bureaucracy and that’s what HHS is.”

Is Trump’s accomplishment of keeping Carrier from moving to Mexico just saving jobs or a prime example of cronyism? ” “I suspect that a lot of Trump’s economic policy will be these sorts of negotiated deals,” Suderman said. “I certainly think if President Obama had something like this conservatives would have been freaking out.”