Benjy Sarlin, political reporter at NBC News and MSNBC, joins Ben Domenech on The Federalist Radio to discuss this week’s conversation around the FBI, Donald Trump’s obsession with revenge and violence, and the future of The Republican Party.

Many of the biggest news stories from the campaign trail this year can be traced back to Donald Trump’s habits of retaliation. “[Trump] has gotten this far in life with this very specific philosophy that no matter what happens, if anyone touches you, you have to immediately respond. You have to respond in force,” Sarlin said.

Later in the hour, they discussed what types of fights on the Right will play out after the election. “There is not really an effective advocacy structure for this group that Donald Trump has brought up. There’s talk radio, there’s populist outlets on social media, there’s Breitbart… but they don’t have the most coherent policy agenda,” Sarlin said.