Christopher Kimball is a chef, author, and founder of America’s Test Kitchen and, now Milk Street Kitchen. Kimball shares his Fourth of July weekend menu, the best tips for the grill, and how American’s have drastically changed the way we think about food.

“I have no interest in ethnically replicating a dish from Bangkok, but I am interested in ways of doing things that are simpler, easier and have bigger flavors,” Kimball said. “There are ways of thinking about cooking where the flavors are bigger, they use more spices, they use stronger ingredients…and it turns out it’s actually easier.”

Kimball’s newest project, Milk Street Kitchen, is based in downtown Boston and will include a cooking school, TV set, and of course, a kitchen. “I’m more excited about cooking now and I do more cooking at home than I ever have and I just think that’s a wonderful thing to teach people,” he said.