Kristen Soltis Anderson, pollster and columnist at the Washington Examiner, joined Mary Katharine Ham, senior writer at The Federalist, in studio today to discuss what happened among the delegates in this weekend’s Colorado primary. A local Colorado commentator, Kelly Maher, also joined to discuss the Colorado GOP’s #NeverTrump tweet and the spring season of bridezillas and bridesmaid serfs.

Maher, who was at the Colorado GOP state convention this weekend, said the Trump campaign was not organized at the caucus level. “The Cruz people where here and they were organizing and they were on the ground,” she said. “When you have 700 people out of 8,000 running to be a delegate, it becomes mechanically a very difficult thing to do.”

Later in the hour, Anderson and Ham discuss how much Cruz is going to be hurt next week in New York by his own “New York values” comment and how the delegates will fall in the Northeast. “It will be interesting to see, despite that gaf, if Ted Cruz can pick up a few delegates here and there doing this money ball thing and it might be a preview of what we could see in California,” Ham said.