The duo behind Politico’s Playbook and daily audio briefing, Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer, join Federalist Radio Hour to share a behind-the-scenes guide to their daily newsletter and what it’s like to cover Capitol Hill. They also discuss how Trump consumes the news, plus potential picks for the new FBI director.

“Every morning, Jake and I get up very early and start G-chatting, trying to figure out what the message of the day it and trying to be that one-stop shop for people, before they go on television, before they go into that 8 a.m. meeting,” Palmer said.

Senator John Cornyn and Rep. Trey Gowdy have been some of the names floated for the next director of the FBI. “It’s hard for me to see that Merrick Garland is going to leave that prized judgeship to be the head of the FBI. There’s no indication that he even wants to be the head of the FBI,” Sherman said.