Daniel Drezner, professor international policy at Tufts University and a regular contributor to the Washington Post, discussed Obama’s strategy against Syria and ISIS, the American erosion of trust in institutions and government, and understanding the source of the refugee controversy.

Drezner said there is a disconnect between what Americans are willing to do and the outcomes that they are seeing as a result. “They don’t want to see troops sent to Ukraine. They don’t want to see infantry sent into Syria,” he said. “That being said, when you ask [Americans] about foreign policy outcomes, they don’t like those at all.”

As state governors speak out against accepting refugees and close their borders, the U.S. refugee policy has become one of the more polarizing headlines of the week. Ben Domenech explores the risks involved in allowing significant numbers of people from the Middle East and how elites refuse to acknowledge those risks.

“The question is not, ‘Do you want to help these refugees?’, it is, ‘Do you want to help these refugees at the risk of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of American lives perishing in a terrorist attack from among this refugee population?’”