Last night, the GOP field for president erupted. Seventeen Republican hopefuls on two separate stages debated the issues facing the country, attracting a record breaking national audience. Today on Federalist Radio, Ben breaks through the theatrics to deliver meaningful analysis.

Veteran strategists and political operators, David Axelrod and Newt Gingrich join the program.

According to Axelrod, none of the candidates broke character or broke down. The man behind both of President Obama’s successful presidential bids, credits the Fox moderators for fostering a quality discussion.

“They acquitted themselves very well. The moderator’s questions were well researched. Fox News did well.”

Later, the former Speaker of the House and presidential candidate also scored the Republican field. Of note, Gingrich says that Carly Fiorina “hit a home-run in the first debate,” Trump “clearly did not win” in the second, and both Marco Rubio and Chris Christie “did very well.”

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