Bill McMorris, reporter at the Washington Free Beacon, joined Federalist Radio Hour to define “bro culture” and discuss how society should rank our country’s top bros.

“Bros wouldn’t exist if women didn’t find them attractive in some way, and one way is bros make everything fun,” McMorris said. “The bros write in very direct prose as opposed to the beat poetry of the beatnik.”

While swimmer Ryan Lochte has previously been considered the “platonic ideal of brodem,” there is now a need for reevaluating what it means to be a bro and how the latest drama surrounding Lochte alters his bro ranking. “He got slammed in all these media outlets as an irresponsible American who left the scene of a crime, but now it seems that this is kind of a vindication that Americans are targeted around the world,” Domenech said.

McMorris and Domenech verified and ranked an exhaustive list of bros including Rob Gronkowski, John Mayer, The Rock, Justin Bieber, and others. “Here’s my problem with Wahlberg: He’s kind of a meta bro,” Domenech said. “He was orignially a bro but he got really smart and now he’s the executive the producer on a bunch of shows including ‘Ballers’ which itself is a meta commentary on bro culture.”