Eli Dourado, director of the technology policy program at the Mercatus Center, joins Ben Domenech to determine whether innovation and technology are really job killers or not. They also discuss how technology effects trade, the sharing economy, and the future of aviation.

The U.S. is at an all-time high for manufacturing, that many who have lost their jobs to robots believe otherwise. “We don’t really have that many robots in day-to-day life yet, so I think that’s a little overstated,” Dourado said.

It’s difficult for those left unemployed in the rust belt to physically move to cities where there are job opportunities. “I’m not sure that a lot of people know what it is that they should be doing to retrain, to develop new skills,” he said. “The way we structure employment in this country through regulation and habits… makes it fairly difficult to hire somebody at an entry-level, who doesn’t have a lot of experience.”

Later in the hour, Dourado shares his research on supersonic flight and ways the aviation industry is being held back by regulation.