Dr. Matthew Spalding is associate vice president and dean of educational programs for Hillsdale College in Washington, D.C. On today’s Federalist Radio Hour, Spalding discussed the election of Donald Trump from a historical perspective and what the American political tradition can teach us about populism in 2016.

“[Trump] is clearly a populist candidate, but the question is, what does populist governance look like,” Spalding said. “Usually a populist movement gets absorbed into one of the two parties and comes out later and the populist figure goes by the waste side.”

Domenech makes the case that the real forgotten man in this election was Bill Clinton. “If you saw Bill on the trail at all near the end, he was sounding a completely different notes than she was,” he said. “He was talking about wage stagnation, economic problems, the need to come come back and be optimistic about the future, while they were talking about Trump, temperament, war on women…”