Washington Post Opinion Columnist Catherine Rampell joined today’s Federalist Radio Hour to weigh in on the GOP debate in Houston Thursday night, the rising cost of healthcare and education, and the state of the American workforce.

Rampell said she understands why people don’t feel like the economy is as strong as the data suggests that it should be. “To be fair, if you look at health care costs, they’re growing quickly relative to any other sector out there, but they’re quickly growing less quickly than they were,” she said. “Whether that’s due to Obamacare is a very open question.”

Employers today are more likely to say they can’t find qualified workers for their job openings than in the past. Rampell said the oddity is that we aren’t also seeing more wage growth because of that. “It’s a very weird situation given that you don’t usually see complaints about worker shortages and wage stagnation, simultaneously.”