Mary Katharine Ham and John McCormack, senior writer at The Weekly Standard, discuss swing state voters and other Election Day news with John Davidson, Federalist senior correspondent, and Kelly Maher, a Colorado GOP operative.

Davidson recently returned from traveling through the Rust Belt where he talked to local voters about the economic downturn in their states. “I think the first step is to acknowledge what has happened to some of these places,” he said. “We have to talk about and think about people as they are. The reality is in a place like Northeast Ohio or western Pennsylvania, a lot of people do received public assistance because the economy in those places has been absolutely gutted.”

Maher discussed some of the oddities that make up the Colorado electorate and some surprises that she has seen happen on the ground already. “Usually Republicans peak early and don’t then turn in late, and the first week we saw that Democrats were actually leading Republicans in the state in turnout,” Maher said. “Then Republicans actually came back and are now going into election day leading…”