Months after the Supreme Court threw out¬†Governor Bob McDonnell’s conviction,¬†the Justice Department announced last week they would drop its corruption case against the former Virginia Governor. McDonnell opened up on Federalist Radio about his legal battle, his faith, and his path forward.

“I got a call at 1:45 with my lawyer just saying ‘it’s over,'” McDonnell said. “After a long road of heartache and suffering, it was just great news.”

McDonnell said he has a new and robust view of the meaning of freedom. “I had two occasions during this trial and the appeal process last year where I was just a couple of weeks away from being ordered to report to a prison for a crime that I knew with all my heart that I did not commit.”

Throughout the last two years, McDonnell said his faith has been tested and strengthen. “Truly I believe it was a supernatural display of God’s divine providence in my life,” he said.

“To now be a criminal defendant when I spent most of my career enforcing the law, and standing up for the law and making the law…it was crushing,” he said. “I know now that all that was something that God blessed.”