Mary Katharine Ham spoke with Reason Magazine’s Katherine Mangu-Ward on this weekend’s Libertarian Party convention in Orlando, the potential for a third-party candidate, and how the meaning of the word “socialism” has changed.

Mangu-Ward explained how the Libertarian Party had, not one but two, principled blue state governors to put forth as candidates. “We have two choices, and many people are not enthused with either of these choices,” Ham said. “And so, we look, many people for the first time ever, over to the Libertarian Party.”

Many of the words that Bernie Sanders has been using have a glowing attraction to millennials, but the words “capitalism” and “markets” are not included. “When Bernie is out there using the word “socialist” or “democratic socialist”, we should be clear that whatever people are hearing when they hear him say that word, they’re definitely not hearing what socialism really means,” Mangu-Ward said.