Ilya Shapiro, senior fellow in constitutional studies at the Cato Institute, joined Federalist Radio Hour to tellĀ his own immigration story, discuss Gary Johnson’s religious liberty fail, and how the experiences of the working class explain Donald Trump.

Shapiro said Johnson is running as someone who is less concerned about constitutional issues and more about Uber or marijuana. “It seems like a lot of these other things that he and Weld have been saying are unforced errors in the sense that there’s this whole Never Trump contingent in places like Utah, but elsewhere, social conservatives and otherwise, who would be on the Johnson gravy train,” he said.

On immigration reform, Shapiro holds views that are shaped by his own frustrating immigration experience. “Unlike every other immigrant-accepting country in the world… there’s no way to simply apply,” he said. “It’s backwards in America. It’s very very hard to get a green card.”

Later in the hour, they talked about J.D. Vance’s fears and explanations for the Trump phenomenon as it relates to the culture in Appalachia. “That frustrations among white working class voters have been ignored for such a long time… that when someone comes along that appeals to their biases in this nature, it’s a much lower bar that you have to clear,” Domenech said.