Alexandra Petri, writer and blogger at the Washington Post, talks “Hamilton” the Musical, Star Wars, and the comedic challenge of parodying Donald Trump on this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour.

Donald Trump is a performance and you can’t re-perform a performance. “There is no parody of Trump that’s better than the self-parody that Trump is everyday,” Petri said. “Why would you ever watch a Trump impression when there is the one Trump impression that’s being performed live on television all of the time, by Donald Trump?”

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “Hamilton” picked up 11 Tony awards this year. “It’s amazing once you see because you start to understand that history doesn’t have to be boring,” Domenech said. “These are real people with crazy lives of love and hate and bitterness…and once you understand them in that context, it makes it a lot more interesting.”

Later in the hour, Petri gave her Disney elevator pitch for a Star Wars rom-com spin off and other opinions on upcoming Star Wars movies.