Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi recap the first day of the RNC convention, including Melania’s plagiarism, the benediction that made Christians cringe, and insanity that on the floor yesterday afternoon.

Over time conventions have become elaborate televised productions and speeches, while the actual roles of the delegates are continually diminished. “I think it was 10 states filed petitions with the RNC to have a roll call vote state by state over the rules,” Harsanyi said. “I think this turned out to be worse for Trump…I think having Mike Lee out there yelling, imploring the chair to give them a vote was a pretty big story.”

Hemingway explains why Pastor Mark Burns’ benediction was off putting. “You really shouldn’t mix politics and religion,” she said. “You can speak at a higher level about these things than to bring them down to partisan politics.”

Although her speech was at first praised as the best one of the night, the media quickly noticed that Melania Trump’s speech plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech from the 2008 DNC. “This was so unnecessary and it just speaks to how ridiculous the Trump campaign is and the people who run it. How could something like this happen?”