Helicopter parenting, politicalization of affirmative consent, and student debt up to the eyeballs are just a few of the issues facing kids today according to Robby Soave, staff editor for Reason magazine. Soave joined The Federalist Radio Hour today with Ben Domenech.

Legislation is defining consent for anyone engaging in sexual activity as a response to the current sexual assault crisis on college campuses. “The affirmative consent is really sweeping the nation,” Soave said. “Tons of universities are putting them in place, even if their states are not requiring them to.”

Soave and Domenech also discuss whether Rand Paul might be one of the likeliest candidates to drop out of the presidential election next. They wrap up the hour on the future of the Libertarianism in the U.S.

“I think we do need to be aware of what the government is doing and fight them as they do try to limit those things,” Soave said. “I worry about kids being raised in these structured government environments where they are not actually learning to be free, creative people.”