Sarah Westwood, investigative reporter at the Washington Examiner, joined Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway in studio to discuss this week’s House Oversight Committee hearings on the FBI’s meeting with Hillary Clinton and Colin Powell’s hacked emails.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz and the Oversight Committee were upset with how the FBI was selective in what facts they released about the Hillary Clinton email case. “This representative of the FBI, Jason Herring, when he was pressed by the committee on when the FBI would provide additional details about the investigation, he suggested to Jason Chaffetz that Congress just file a Freedom of Information Act like the rest of us,” Westwood said.

After multiple excuses for Hillary Clinton’s apparent fainting on Sunday, the media seemed satisfied with her campaign’s final reasoning: pneumonia.  “You did get an answer from the Clintons, but it would be really nice to see journalists be a little bit more skeptical of a Clintonian answer, given the vast majority of Clintonian answers turn out not to be true,” Hemingway said.

Later in the hour they discussed Melania Trump, New York Fashion Week, and Donald Trump’s health records. “I think Dr. Oz even said himself a couple of days ago that he wasn’t going to ask Donald Trump any questions that Donald Trump didn’t want to answer,” Westwood said.