Music writer and enthusiast, Billy Rosenbeck, joins Ben on this episode of Federalist Radio to discuss the music industry, music curation, the elements of modern rock bands, various artists like Josh Ritter and other up-and-coming bands.

“We’re in this playlist generation where everything comes at us really quickly and the shuffle button is always available,” Rosenbeck said. “There’s so much coming at you all the time that you kind of have to find your place, and it’s out there but it takes some work to sort through it all.”

Rosenbeck suggests music has swung towards an era of the singer and songwriter, as opposed to the arena rock bands of the last few decades. “When we think of those big rock bands of the past, you knew the lead singer and you knew the lead guitar player,” he said. “Now there are few guitar players that really play in a recognizable way.”

Rosenbeck is the host of a podcast called, “Let’s Drink 3 or 4 Beers and Talk About How Good Josh Ritter Is.”