Alex Isenstadt, reporter at Politico, returned from a Republican donor class summit in Utah and joined the Federalist Radio to share what leaders were feelingĀ about Trump and the future of their party. Domenech and Isenstadt also discuss potential VP picks for both campaigns and how Trump failedĀ to use the Orlando shooting for his own political gain.

Donald Trump has no desire to approach other millionaires asking for donations or intentions to make fundraising phone calls. “He has no hunger or desire to court donors,” Isenstadt said. “So it’s really hard for him to raise money and it’s really hard for him to raise the infrastructure that is needed.”

In a meeting with GOP leaders, Mitt Romney criticized the 2016 Republican field for not finding a better way to defeat Trump and for fighting amongst themselves. “He also grew very emotional during this back and forth he had with Wolf Blitzer,” he said. “You got the sense that (these donors) feel they are on a an island that for the first time they are leaderless and somewhat scared.”