John Dickerson, host and moderator of CBS’ “Face the Nation”, joined Ben Domenech to discuss his new book “Whistlestop: My Favorite Stories from Presidential Campaign History,” and how covering the 2016 race compares to past elections.

Despite the rise in data-driven political coverage over the last decade, we can still see how there is often more to the candidates than polls or numbers. “This is a narrative history of these campaigns… and if the data is different from narrative, the narrative is still so great it’s worth telling anyway,” Dickerson said.

There is an element to the book of trying to figure out the present through learning about the past. “Basically it was to both help me what I’m covering now, but also just the fun of going back and seeing that there was more to the story than we all thought,” he said.

He shared his experiences hosting “Face the Nation” and interviewing politicians. “My hope is that by Sunday we’re putting all of this stuff in context that explains what was real and what wasn’t… explaining the week and preparing you for the next one,” he said.