Kelly Riddell, deputy opinion editor at the Washington Times, joined Ben Domenech on Federalist Radio to discuss how Republicans have failed to communicate with the working middle class and the recent anger and frustration at Donald Trump coming from Republican women.

There is a lack of awareness from the establishment that the Republican base really does want an outsider candidate. “There is the level of arrogance from these political operatives in Washington DC, that as soon as Trump is gone, his voters are gone too, and his base is gone, and the 14 million people who voted for him,” Riddell said.

With the likelihood that the Republican party will lose multiple factions of its voters after November, Republican leaders also have a lot to lose. “Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan–they cannot ignore this Trump faction that is out there and they need to talk to them,” Riddell said. “They cannot just all of a sudden get into power and move forward with immigration policy, or green-light whatever Hillary Clinton wants.”