Alex Isenstadt, reporter at Politico, joined The Federalist Radio Hour to discuss this all the latest shake-ups coming out of Trump’s campaign this week, plus news that Renice Priebus may try to return to the RNC after this election.

Earlier this week news broke that Donald Trump brought Breitbart Chairman Stephen Bannon and Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway to the top of his campaign staff. “There’s also a sense that the people who have been giving Trump the challenging advice, that he needed to shape up, they’re kind of at the back of the bus now,” Isenstadt said.


Trump’s campaign is far from any traditional political campaign, lacking all the yard signs and bummer stickers and TV ads, even swing states like Florida. “They haven’t done the basic blocking and tackling,” Isenstadt said. “A lot of people say they got started really late and it’s hard to get caught up at a certain point.”

Reince Priebus has floated the idea that he’s going to run for another term to lead the RNC after 2016. “If Republicans lose this election, Priebus will have overseen two unsuccessful presidential campaigns for Republicans and he still wants a shot at success,” he said.