Milt Rosenberg

Most Chicago natives will know the name Conrad Black well, and those beyond Chicago will most certainly have heard the name. In addition to being a publisher of major newspapers, he’s also a fine journalist and historian. Among the many matters discussed on this recent program was his great historical entry, Flight of the Eagle.

Mark Steyn is no stranger to lovers of talk radio. As a regular substitute for Rush Limbaugh, he is a remarkable journalist. He has recently turned his attentions to ‘The Hockey Stick‘, and has just published an excoriating criticism of much of the faulty science perpetrated to support Global Warming/Climate Change entitled A Disgrace to the Profession.

Both Canadians, Black and Steyn have keen eyes for political analysis. Along with Milt they covered a tremendous amount of ground in many fields beyond politics. Science, history, geography, energy, publishing and media, etc.