Mary Katharine Ham hosts today’s Federalist Radio to discuss this Sunday’s big game, including the politicized commercials, expectations Lady Gaga’s half time performance, Commissioner Roger Goodell’s latest antics, and of course Superbowl food.

Rich Cromwell, senior contributor at The¬†Federalist, explains why America needs to root for the Patriots. Guy Benson, editor at, gives his thoughts on the politicization of sports. And later in the hour, Matt Battaglia, explains why Goodell yanked the infamous Barstool Sports’ media credentials and then lied about it.

“[Lady Gaga] is right in that her message has always been something that now sounds like a lefty rebuke to Donald Trump, but actually could just be her normal performance,” Ham said. “I’m not sure she would need to add that much, or need to be more blowhard, to be obvious that she’s lecturing us.”