The candidacy of Donald Trump, “is a symbol of how far our civilization has come–in the wrong direction.” That’s according to Matt Lewis, the Daily Caller’s senior contributor who joins Ben Domenech to discuss the 2016 presidential field and his upcoming book.

On today’s Federalist Radio Hour, the veteran political writer gives his take on both the Republican and Democratic candidates. He explains that the DNC will be playing “with a week bench,” this time around, noting that “there’s no Barrack Obama for 2016 yet.” Taking a closer look, he also observes a Clinton credibility problem, a Sanders identity crisis, and the potential for a bid from Biden.

“When was the last time a two term party, denied their former vice president the nomination?” Lewis muses.

Later in the program, the journalist discusses his upcoming books, Too Dumb To Fail, and comments on the beta-male phenomenon plaguing society.

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