Megan McArdle, columnist at Bloomberg View, joins Federalist Radio to offer her best advice and economical perspective on Valentine’s Day, restaurants, and cooking at home. McArdle and Domenech also discuss what the data says about couples who marry, divorce, or cohabitate.

As a self-claimed “food communist”, McArdle explains the most economical ways to eat out with your significant other. “We have a negotiating process. We order everything jointing. We eat it jointly,” she said. “Especially when you’re going out with another person who you have a long-term relationship with, you have all this potential for gains from trade.”

McArdle discussed how the data shows that people should actually be looking to get married as soon as possible. “One of the really sad things is that people say ‘I have to be stable before I get married… I have to get financially to where I want to be before I can get married’, which is kind of backwards.”