Two Trump supporters give their case for the Republican nominee on the final day before voters head to the polls. Mercedes Schlapp, Fox News contributor and Washington Times Columnist, and Jeffrey Lord, CNN commentator and American Spectator contributor, join Ben Domenech on The Federalist Radio Hour.

Schlapp discussed the importance of minority voters and maintaining control of the Supreme Court. “I see it as, [Trump] has made it clear where he’s going to go forward on the Supreme Court, and he’s talked issues that are resonating with the American worker,” Schlapp said. “Plus he’s laid out a tax reform plan that we know are going to cut taxes and cut regulation which we hope will boost the economy.”

Lord said he believes that Trump can organize and influence guiding principles for Republicans after the election. “I’m suggesting that their are people out there who can carry the Trump flag into the next election,” he said. “He’s picked up this massive army of people who are quite serious about doing this.”