David Fucillo, editor of Niners Nation and covering the NFL for SB Nation, joined The Federalist Radio Hour to talk about the world of sports media, the upcoming NFL season and provide some advice for picking your fantasy football teams this year.

Some of the headlines heading into this season include rule changes, the Patriots’ controversy recovery, the new Los Angeles Rams. “The one issue is that the Rams have not been very good for a while,” Fucillo said. “It’s going to be interesting to see if L.A. is a frontrunner city…I think this first year no matter what they’re going to sell well.”

Fucillo previewed the teams and players that look to be in the best shape for this season in each conference. “An interesting team to follow is going to be the Jacksonville Jaguars,” he said. “They’ve slowly rebuilt whatever it was that fell apart and they’ve got Blake Bortles as a quarterback and some really good young receivers.”

Every year, fantasy drafters want to know what players are the sleepers, the bounce-back years,┬áthe break-out stars. “The NFL has become more pass friendly…but at the same time it always seems like a running back, Adrian Peterson or someone, is the one going number one overall,” Fucillo said. “But it’s wide receivers this year. Brown, Odell Beckham, Julio Jones are consistently up at the top.”