The Federalist Radio Hour

Paul Bonicelli, professor of government at Regent University, joined the Federalist Radio Hour’s conversation on Obama’s foreign policy, the mess in the Middle East, and why smart staffers are endorsing a not-so-smart Iran deal.

Bonicelli also suggests issues that Hillary Clinton will face in convincing voters of her foreign policy experience and recalls a time when Republicans saw her as a competent leader. “I don’t see any benefits for Hillary Clinton in foreign policy at all,” he said.

Later in the hour, we are joined by resident Canadian, Ezra Levant. The lawyer and author fills us in on the upcoming Canadian election for Prime Minister and how the media is corrupting the political process. “We have a government surplus now. We have the lowest business tax rate in the G7,” Levant said, explaining that because things are good, Canadians are willing to take a risk on a liberal, “Zoolander” of a candidate.