In the second half of a two-part interview, Pat Buchanan sits down with Ben Domenech to discuss the his own political career, the role faith plays in politics, and how his own populism compares to what Trump offers. Buchanan’s new book is, “Nixon’s White House Wars.”

Buchanan’s speech at the 1992 RNC was a warning that American values were in jeopardy. “I really believe the West is very probably in a terminal decline,” he said. “It’s lost it’s faith. It’s lost it’s empires. It’s losing it’s unity now. It can defend it’s borders. It’s demographically dying.”

Later in the hour, they discuss how television┬áhas changed for the worse, leaving no space for constructive conversations. “You were part of some shows that had intelligent people on them who could talk at length about a particular subject,” Domenech said. “I worry that people are becoming basically dumber because of the political television that we have on all day today.”