Paul Bonicelli is a professor of government at Regent University, former assistant administrator at USAID, and former staff member U.S. House of Representatives. He explains the differences between Rubio and Cruz’s foreign policies, the marks that are going to be left on Obama’s legacy, and political crisis facing universities.  

Ben Domenech, publisher of The Federalist, noted that neoconservative meant something different in the 1980’s and 1990’s than it does today.  “Now people use ‘neoconservative’ to describe people like Dick Cheney, who is just an old-fashioned hawk,” he said.

Regarding Obama as a president, Bonicelli and Domenech discuss the ways in which he fails as a leader and his lack of alpha male qualities. “George Bush did not feel diminished if he was wrong or had to change his mind. I really believe Barack Obama is the kind of person that cannot personally do that– it’s too painful,” Bonicelli said.

Finally, as a professor himself, Bonicelli discusses what kind of leadership it will take to address the student and administrative protests on public college campuses. “That’s to me where a conservative governor comes in and says, ‘I represent the people of this state and they don’t want money wasted this way.’”