This week on The Federalist Radio Hour, Ben Domenech talks with entrepreneur and The New York Times bestseller Anthony Tjan about his latest book, “Good People: The Only Leadership Decision That Really Matters.” Tjan aims to change how people think about what makes a “good” leader and shift it away from measurable abilities and toward qualities like compassion, integrity, and character.

“I think any mentorship has to begin with the word relationship,” Tjan said. “There’s many times people say: ‘Hey, we’re a great place to work, we’ve got great mentors.’ But so often that’s a check-the-box activity. Real mentorship has to begin with a foundation of some level of chemistry. You have to feel some collegial affection. Once you have that, the overarching theme of the book of what really constitutes goodness is that goodness has been so biased toward competency and skill and so undervalued in terms of character and the real values that make up goodness of character.”