Today on the Federalist Radio Hour, join Ben Domenech as he talks with Mark Furstenburg, owner of the bakery Bread Furst and the winner of the 2017 James Beard Foundation award winner for Outstanding Baker.

On the show, Furstenburg describes his journey from White House to baker. After starting a bakery that was eventually burned by bankruptcy, he tried again. And then again.

“My aspiration was to create a neighborhood bakery that would have a chance of living for a number of years, not that anybody can control such things,” he said. “But I had a much better chance, I thought, if the business was successful. Not just aesthetically, but financially.”

Furstenburg opened Bread Furst in 2014. Despite his success, he remains humble.

“In one sense, I know it’s a great honor and I feel quite validated by it,” said Furstenburg. “But in another sense, there are a bunch of bakers in the country who deserve this award.”