The Federalist Radio Hour

Gabby Morrongiello, reporter for the Washington Examiner, weighed in on the first democratic presidential debate on today’s Federalist Radio Hour. She discussed Hillary Clinton’s successes on stage, Bernie Sander’s missed opportunities, and other highlights from the night.

“[Bernie] is closing in on her in the polls and I think this was the one opportunity he had to give himself an edge over her, and he didn’t take advantage of that last night and I think perhaps today he and his campaign are regretting that,” Morrongiello said. She also noted her disappointment in Donald Trump’s attempt to live-tweet the debate. “It was a bit boring, similar to what he described the democratic debate being.”

Mark Hemingway, senior writer at the Weekly Standard, also joined the show to give his thoughts on the candidates, including potential candidate Joe Biden.

“[Biden] has spent 43 years in either the Senate or the White House and he has next to nothing in terms of an actual legacy,” Hemingway said. “Joe Biden has always had this pathological need to be liked.”

Finally, upcoming MLB playoff games were speculated with Dan McLaughlin, editor at RedState and Mets fanatic.

“The major difference between the Mets and the Dodgers is that the Mets have this very deep front-end of their rotation,” McLaughlin said. “The Mets the really do have a much better offense. The Dodgers do not have the offense they had a few years ago.”