Rod Dreher is a senior editor at the American Conservative and author of the new book, “The Benedict Option: A Strategy for Christians in a Post-Christian Nation.” Dreher joins Federalist Radio to explain the ancient ways of the Benedict Option, the roots of religious decline in America, and how Christians can save their culture and communities.

“In order to be faithful witnesses in this world we are in and to not be drawn to the left or the right… we have to return to a more robust version of Christianity rooted in the past,” Dreher said. “You can’t turn the clock back, but if you study Christian history… and realize what believers of previous ages believed, we can live that out now.”

Domenech asks Dreher to reconcile the need for Christians to retreat from the culture, with the call to be light and live in the world. “If we are going to live in the world faithfully, then we have to some extent withdraw from the world for the sake of formation, so we can be salt and light in the world,” Dreher said.