Kate Havard is both a Shakespeare and a Star Wars aficionado and she joined the Federalist Radio Hour today discuss the plays, books and movies surrounding both the playwright and the franchise. Havard is a research analyst at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Havard said she thought the recently released Macbeth movie directed by Justin Kurzel is a beautiful piece of cinematography. “Here they have really made it about tyranny and power, which is in the play, it’s a subtle one and here they bring it up,” she said.

Additionally, Havard recently reviewed Harrying: Skills of Offense in Shakespeare’s Henriad, a new book from Harry Berger Jr. a professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Havard and Domenech discuss why the classic Shakespeare character Prince Hal is compelling and more interesting than Hamlet or other more famous characters. “He is so seductive in the sense that his speeches are some of the most heart-warming and noble,” she said.

Later in the hour, Havard explains why she is not pro-Jedi and how the Star Wars franchise could be seen as not just a movie and more as a higher form of art.