Kate Havard reviews Harold Bloom’s new book, “Falstaff: Give Me Life,” which is the first in his Shakespeare personalities series. Havard and Domenech discuss the complexities of Shakespeare’s characters, Shakespeare in politics, and the newest Star Wars teaser trailer.

[Bloom] elevates Falstaff to this mystical category of a prophet and a saint who disdains morality and stands for freedom from society…but also without any real vice or flaws,” Havard said. “I think that’s the most frustrating aspect of Bloom’s book, is that he wants make [Falstaff] this beacon of amorality.”

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is this year’s Star Wars film to be distributed by Disney. “I think these Star Wars movies are great when they talk about new worlds and bad guys and adventures…and the more it gets into metaphysics physics of the force, the less I care about it,” Havard said.