In anyone’s top ten list of great events of American history would be man’s walking on the moon. This nation was the world leader in space exploration and, while we’ve scaled back our manned missions into the final frontier, there are still many exciting projects underway. Just this week there was debate about the mysterious pyramid looking “structures” on Ceres, not to mention the mysterious lights discovered not long ago. Soon, New Horizons will encounter Pluto, providing us with our first look at the former and now ‘Dwarf’ planet.

With all of that in mind we welcomed show friends Bill Mellberg and Richard Easton, both sons of scientists who were influential in the beginning of the American space program. You’ve no doubt heard them on this show before. Joining them is Dr. Paul Spudis, an Astrogeologist and moon expert, who would like to see us return there, saying there’s still much to be learned and much to be gained from it.

Onward, to the Final Frontier….