Paul Coyer is a historian, a professor at the Institute of World Politics, and a contributing editor at Providence: A Journal of Christianity and American Foreign Policy.  Coyer discussed the foreign policy challenges facing the new administration including relationships with Russia, China, and radical Islam.

Coyer discussed the balance between the dangers of extreme American exceptionalism and the importance of national values and identity.  “There are always going to be negative impulses in nationalism because it is human nature to be tribalistic in a negative sense,” he said. “Donald Trump and the people around him have a better grasp of nationalism not as a negative thing, but it can be a positive.”

Fighting radical Islam is more than about military force. It requires attacks against the ideology of jihadism. “You need to attack the ideas. You need to attack the metanarrative. You need to counter the whole idea of muslims as always the victims of Christianity,” he said.