On this hour of Modern Notion Daily, our guest is Nick Broomfield, director of the HBO documentary, Tales of the Grim Sleeper (2015). Broomfield and his son, Barney, went to the mostly-black South Central neighborhood of Los Angeles to tell the story of a serial killer dubbed the Grim Sleeper. The Grim Sleeper is accused of murdering at least 10 women, and possibly many more, over the course of 23 years. But the focus of Broomfield’s documentary becomes why it took so long to investigate these crimes fully, and why the media neglected the story until relatively recently.

Later in the hour, Mark Hay tells the story of leopard men in Africa, and Kristen Majewski talks about the first cockroach to conceive in space.

Warning: This episode contains some graphic detail about medical procedures, violence, and sex.

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