Joel Gehrke, political reporter for the Washington Examiner, joined the Federalist Radio to report on all sorts of bills and filibusters on the hill this week as a response to Orlando and the call for gun control. Bre Payton and David Harsanyi discussed Obama’s remarks in Orlando this week and his refusal to acknowledge the shooters relationship to radical Islam.

“Politically this seems weird because they are enabling Donald Trump,” Gehrke said. “If Obama wants people to not turn to somebody like Trump, they need to at least feel like cares about this and I’m not sure if he’s convincing.”

Gehrke explained how Democrats are ignoring due process and how the terror watch list would actually work. “I suspect that there is a more interesting policy debate happening behind the scenes,” he said. “I would not be surprised if this ends up moving toward somebody trying to tailor a type of weapons sales ban to one of those smaller lists.”

Later in the hour, they discussed the good and badĀ of sex in our golden age of television and why some shows are catered to women while others are more interesting to men. “I think that ‘Outlander’ fleshes out the consequences of violent behavior when it does deal with violence a lot more than Game of Thrones would,” Payton said.