Pop Quiz: Who said, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste”? Time’s up. Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel is the correct answer.

While not everyone may see a crisis as an opportunity, those in the business of managing image and rehabbing public opinion–pr experts–are an essential component of getting back in the good graces of the public when the politician or corporation makes a big mistake. Whether its an extramarital affair, a product liability, or the wrong thing said at the wrong time, there’s a legion of brilliant, media-savvy minds who scramble to work to repair the damage done.

We bring to you today three such experts, namely Mary Patrick of the highly regarded firm Jasculca Terman Strategic Communications, Jeff Leshay of Leshay Communications, and Michael Dockterman of Steptoe and Johnson, who is one of the nation’s leading attorneys and a counselor that you would very much like in your corner if your reputation and way of life were on the line.

Before the show we started naming scandals that came to mind and were quickly up to several pages’ worth of incidents. Many of those are discussed here. This is an intriguing study into the art and science of a public relations master, courtesy of three professionals in that field.