Clare Foran, writer at The Atlantic, joined The Federalist Radio Hour to provide some closure on the Bernie Sanders’ campaign and explained ways his supporters may split over Hillary. Foran shared stories from the democratic campaign trail and the political social media war zone.

There’s a juxtaposition within Sanders’ platform between a desire for a revolutionized political system, and a message of nostalgia for the days before globalization. “It seems to me a lot of what Sanders was saying had a similar appeal (to Trump), the difference is he’s saying it to young people about a time that existed before they born,” Domenech said. “Not in the way Trump is saying to older voters and baby boomers about when they were kids.”

Foran described the motives of the faction of Sanders supporters have become #NeverHillary and whether the Clinton campaign even feels the need to unite the Democratic party. “I certainly think that the Democrats are banking on Trump as a unifying force, basically a vote against Trump, even if it’s not a vote for Clinton,” she said.