David Frum, senior editor at The Atlantic and chairman of Policy Exchange, joined The Federalist Radio Hour to discuss Trump’s appeal to evangelicals, the rise of American nostalgia, the presidential candidates’ foreign policies, Margaret Thatcher and more.

Frum said his politics and policy ideas that have always been a little lifeless, are now being advocated by Donald Trump. “I’d love to have a blender in which I could put the policies of Donald Trump, the humanity and inspirational eloquence of Marco Rubio, and the brains and backbone of Ted Cruz,” he said. “If you could do that I think we would really have something.”

Included in Donald Trump’s platform is the protection of healthcare and entitlement programs. Frum said the answer on healthcare is not to withdraw the guarantee, it’s to squeeze costs. “Trump is incredibly vulgar about this. He’s promising to save more money on pharmaceuticals than the United States spends on pharmaceuticals,” he said.

Later in the hour, Frum and Domenech discuss the life of Margaret Thatcher and how what she achieved representing the middle class can be applied to modern American politics.